Looking for a fresh perspective on PR...?

Let’s be clear on Public Relations. Rocket science it ain’t. It’s a communication process – you are sitting on newsworthy stories and you need a translator (/facilitator) to help identify, write up and sell them into the publications in which you want to be seen.

It should be a straightforward process, when it gets too complicated your message can become lost and objectives obscured. It sits alongside your other marketing activity and, yes, needs to dovetail with it. It also needs to go hand in hand with your SEO work.

I'm Jim Buchanan, freelance PR Consultant, I work like a mobile employee (or a mini-PR consultancy if you like) for an agreed number of days per month – typically between 2 and 6, with specific objectives decided between us. Regular update meetings keep everything on track, over phone, email, Skype, face-to-face. You may never have thought of using a freelancer, but there are a number of freelance PR professionals working in the UK – offering flexibility and a high level of experience - ideal for project PR or ongoing monthly activity.

I’ll carry out all the usual activity such as writing releases, case studies, bylined articles, arranging products launches, briefings, event support etc – but also ensure the bigger picture is kept in focus such as correct positioning in the marketplace.

The Media

Here's a sample of the key media I work with, however one of my strengths is researching and getting inside other sectors - it's a fairly straightforward process when you know what you're doing.

 PC & technology:


 Business tech & Channel:



  Other vertical sectors:

Top 5

Top 5 reasons to hire me:

  • Cost-effective PR
  • Work like a mini PR consultancy
  • Focused on results
  • Half the price of larger agencies
  • Experience at a senior level – Account Director